I am Kirst and I set up Infinity Gymnastics Club in 2010 in the hope to get as many of children involved in the wonderful world of gymnastics! I was a very shy child and struggled in certain situations, however Gymnastics and my coaches, really helped my confidence and created an environment that I felt so comfortable in. I wanted Infinity to mirror my experience and create a positive environment for any child to develop, mentally, physically or just a place of pure enjoyment! No matter what ability, every Infinity member is valued and I have absolutely loved seeing them grow! I'm thankful and proud that all Infinity coaches have been my gymnasts in the past and have stayed in gymnastics to help your children! I currently only coach part time since having my son and Marley loves to come in a watch! Many moons ago, I was an Acrobatics gymnast competing as a top, middle & base and was lucky to compete in many regional and national competitions including receiving two British Bronze medals!

I am Beth and I am one of the Head Coaches at Infinity. I coach all types of classes at Infinity, from our Parent and Toddler classes, right through to our GfA+ classes and I coach our competitive Acrobatics Squads. I trained as a gymnast for 14 years, starting in artistic gymnastics before moving to acrobatics. I competed regionally, nationally and internationally throughout my time as a gymnast and I now compete in cheerleading. I coach at Infinity because I LOVE the culture and environment at Infinity. I love creating a positive and supportive place for youngsters to discover, explore and excel in gymnastics. Gymnastics is such an exciting and rewarding sport and I love delivering this to people at all different levels – whether this be recreationally or competitively!

I’m Ellie and I teach Pre School, Parent & Toddler, GFA, GFA + & Acro. I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was 2 years old and by the time I was 13 I had started competing in acrobatic gymnastics. Coming 2nd in the national qualifiers and qualifying for the inter regionals with my Grade 5 trio was a great way to end my acro journey. I also got gymnast of the year in 2020 which is one of my proudest achievements. Additionally, I played football until I was 17 and got through to the Sussex finals and came runners up! I coach gymnastics because it is really rewarding to inspire a passion in the gymnasts for a sport that I have loved for so long. It is a job I love and I give 100% to every session to help the gymnasts progress in the best way possible and to most importantly make sure they enjoy it!

I'm Charlotte and I coach Pre-School, GfA and Acro at Infinity! I started coaching at Infinity when I was 14. I have been doing gymnastics since I was young and did Acro for 8 years at Infinity. I still take part in gymnastics every week because I still enjoy it! I love coaching gymnastics because I love seeing all the gymnasts learn new skills and enjoy a sport I love.

I’m Lucy and I have been coaching at Infinity for around 2 years now. The reason I coach is because I’m very passionate about gymnastics and I love helping gymnasts of all ages to progress and improve in their own gymnastics. I enjoy coaching the gymnasts every week and it’s lovely to see each individual grow in confidence every session. I coach GFA and Acro and participate myself in acro and gymnastics which I’ve done for many years. I’ve competed in many Acro competitions and have once been the Regional Champion. Infinity has become a second family to me and every week I look forward to coaching the gymnasts.

My name is Lily and I'm 15 years old. I coach Pre-School, GfA and Acro and I'm a gymnast myself. I have done gymnastics since I was 4 and Acro since I was 7. I really enjoy coaching especially seeing the gymnasts faces light up when they get new skills. I coach to share the love for gymnastics I have with the gymnasts I coach and hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

Hi I'm Iris and I coach GfA and Acro. Ultimately I coach because I love seeing the kids that come grow into amazing gymnasts, but also because I want to relay the same happiness and passion that I have for the sport itself onto others. I have been at Infinity for about 6 years, part of the Acro Squad for 4 years and have been coaching for a year and the time has flown by. I enjoy every aspect of it - from the coaches, to the people there and the good friends I have made, to the new skills I learn. My goal as a coach is to ensure everyone has the same fun experience as I have had, but also to get the most out of the hour session and to progress to new skills!

Hi my name is Sophie but everyone calls me Soph. I am 14 years old, and I’m the youngest coach at Infinity. I have been part of the Infinity family for 4 years now and I have loved every minute of it. I have only recently become a coach and I absolutely love it. I coach GfA on a Monday but looking at doing some more days soon. The reason I became a coach is because of the love I have for the sport, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from the Infinity coaches, and I’d love to give some of that back to the younger gymnasts. It’s so rewarding watching the younger gymnasts master new skills, and to see them smile is an amazing feeling.

Hi my name is Daniel and I'm a GfA, Pre School and Acro coach at Infinity Gymnastics. I coach a variety of different gymnasts, some as young as 3 and some as old as 10. I also started the first ever boys only group to encourage more boys to take the discipline. I am also a gymnast myself, taking part in Acrobatic gymnastics too where I compete at different competitions such as Sussex, Regionals and more. Recently I got through and competed at the National Finals. The reason I started coaching in the first place is first of all I love to teach and see gymnasts progress and grow, but I also owe it back to the club that has taught me everything and I wanted to use that knowledge and pass it on to others.

I’m Katie and I coach the Senior, Junior and Development Acro squads. I was a gymnast for 16 years and in Acro for 7 years and loved every minute of it. I was also part of the Leadership Academy for 7 years and have been coaching since I was 14 as well as becoming a qualified judge at 16. I previously coached all aspects of gymnastics from Pre-School to GFA+ during my time at school and college. I briefly took a short break from coaching whilst starting a new career in Marketing but realised how much I missed it (it’s not easy to get rid of me) and now coach the Acro Squads in the evenings using my previous coaching experience as well as what I’ve learnt more recently as a judge.

My name is Emily and I am a coach at Infinity. I coach GfA and I love it! I myself am a gymnast at Infinity and it is truly the most supporting community ever! All of the coaches are so friendly and encouraging. I feel honoured to work for Infinity. I enjoy coaching as I love watching the children not only grow as a gymnast but also a little person, watching the gymnasts accomplishing new moves is such a joy to see and I love my job!