As a gymnast taking part in activities and sessions with Infinity Gymnastics, we ask that you follow our Code of Conduct to ensure the club remains a safe, positive, and supportive environment for all our members and staff. As a young person taking part in our club, we ask that gymnasts:

∞   Listen and respond to coaches to ensure the safety of yourself and other gymnasts’ around you

∞   Respect all equipment used within a session. Use the equipment as instructed by your coach and do not cause any damage to the equipment

∞   Be kind, supportive and encouraging of others. Bullying, of ANY sort, will not be tolerated at Infinity

∞   Respect everyone at Infinity and act supportively towards all – do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation or ability

∞   Report ALL incidents of bullying or unsupportive behaviour to your coach, even if you are only a witness to the behaviour

∞   Support other gymnasts – be aware that everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, abilities and fears

∞   Respect your coaches and other staff members at Infinity. Be polite, listen when they are speaking and follow instructions

∞   Wear appropriate attire for gymnastics, with hair tied securely and neatly to ensure safety of self, other gymnasts and coaches

∞   Attend all classes on time and notify the club if you are running late

Infinity understands that as a gymnast, you have the right to:

∞   Be, and feel safe at all times when with us at Infinity Gymnastics

∞   Feel welcomed, supported and not judged based on any personal factors

∞   Be aware of who you can speak to if something is not right or you are not happy

∞   Be listened to by our coaches and staff

∞   Be respected by your teammates, coaches and others within the club. You should be treated fairly and supported at all times

∞   Be looked after if you have an injury or accident and ensure that your parents are informed if needed

∞   Give feedback and input to the club

∞   We expect all our members and gymnasts to follow the behaviour guidelines and requests outlined in this code of conduct. If there is any concerns or queries regarding this, please email

If a gymnast is found to be behaving in a way that contradicts our code of conduct, we will first address the problem with the parent/guardian and aim to resolve the issue. If an issue is ongoing or behaviour continues to contradict our code of conduct, it may lead to us regrettably asking you to leave the class or club permanently to ensure the welfare of all our members.

Gymnasts that follow this code of conduct will be rewarded with ongoing praise in sessions, weekly stamps/stickers and will be considered for our Star of the Week teddy, WOW wall and Member of the Month.


As the responsible adult for a gymnast attending Infinity Gymnastics, we ask that you abide by and follow the following behaviour to ensure the welfare and positive outcome for all gymnasts, members, and coaches. We ask that all parents, guardians, or carers:

∞   Ensure the child is dressed appropriately for the class, is wearing no jewellery, and has eaten sufficiently in advance of the session and has enough water for the class

∞   Ensure the gymnasts arrive to their session on time and is picked up promptly. If you are running late for either, we ask you contact the club on 07763185554 to let us know

∞   Provide all correct contact and medical information to the club upon joining and update the club with ANY changes to this information

∞   Are respectful and supportive towards all Infinity staff. Support decisions made by the club and coaches and speak to the coach in a constructive and calm way if you have a question regarding the gymnasts’ training. Ensure to speak to the coach at the start or end of the session if you have anything you wish to raise

∞   Talk to us regarding any concerns you may have about your child in a session, or any other gymnast. Our Welfare Officers can be contacted via email at if you do not see them at the gym

∞   Ensure to be supportive of the gymnasts’ goals and achievements. Encourage and celebrate all successes of the child – from making new friends, receiving star of the week to developing other skills

∞   Accept any decisions or results that are given by an official. Judges at Club events and external competitions should be treated with respect and should not be questioned or approached by anyone other than Infinity Coaching staff

∞   Do not post any photos or videos that contain any other gymnasts faces in. If another gymnasts’ face can be seen in your photo or video, please do not post this on any form of Social Media

∞   Ensure that your child understands and always abides by their own Code of Conduct

Infinity understands that as parents/guardians/carers you have the right to:

∞   Feel assured that your gymnast is safeguarded and protected during their time with us

∞   See and read any of our policies and procedures upon request

∞   Know who the Welfare Officers are and have access to their contact information

∞   Give feedback and input to the club

∞   Know the training and qualification levels of our coaches upon request

∞   Be informed of any accidents, injuries or incidents that occur in relation to your child

∞   Have your consent sought for anything outside of our initial registration form e.g. coaching courses

Have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s welfare listened and responded to

We expect all our parents, guardians and carers to follow the behaviour guidelines and requests outlined in this code of conduct. If there is any concerns or queries regarding this, please email

If a parent, guardian or carer is found to be behaving in a way that contradicts our code of conduct, we may ask that they are not present at collection/drop off/events. If an issue is ongoing or behaviour continues to contradict our code of conduct, it may lead to us regrettably asking you to leave the class or club permanently to ensure the welfare of all our members.


Club Rules

All Infinity Gymnastics participants must abide by the following guidelines in addition to the relevant codes of conduct and other policies the club adopts.

By signing the participants registration form, you are agreeing that you have read and understood these documents.


British Gymnastics Insurance

All members are required to be a British Gymnastics (BG) member to be insured to participate. Participants are covering under BG to attend one trial session without their own insurance.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to organise membership when joining and renewing this every year by 1st October.

Failure to have a valid BG membership will result if you child being unable to attend our classes and dependant on the time frame, could lose their place.


Fees must be paid monthly before 20th of each month. A payment fee of £5.00 will be added if payment is late. Invoices are emailed during the first week of each month and you are charged for the number of sessions in that month. Invoices must be paid by Bank Transfer or cash. Cash incurs an additional 50p charge and all cash payments must be made in a sealed and labelled envelope. Infinity do not accept cheques. Alternatively, if you choose to pay by direct debit, these are calculated to be the same amount each month for the year (April-March). Failure to make payment for three consecutive months will result in your child forfeiting their membership at the club and will have to join the waiting list if they wish to return.


Classes will not be carried over or exchanged for any other class time or day for any reason.


A refund WILL NOT be given for:

     Occasional classes missed

     Any injuries occurred whilst outside the gym


Infinity reserves the right to refuse admission and to dismiss participant should occasion arise. We reserve the right to ask any participant to leave the club for any of the following reasons:

     For misbehaviour or wilful damage.

     For breach of any of Infinity rules, conditions or regulations and policies etc.

     Payment not received for three consecutive months

     Rude behaviour and/or language from either child, parent, or carer to Infinity staff


Classes that must be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, fire evacuation, possible terrorist/bomb threat, or any other extreme unforeseeable circumstances will not be refunded.

In the event of a temporary closure of the club, a retention fee may need to be charged during this time to ensure for re-opening.



Any parent/guardian/carer caught being rude to any member of Infinity staff will result expulsion of their child/children from the club. Any non-members attending holiday classes will be removed from our waiting list if applicable.

Please drop off and collect your child on time and if there are any changes on the adult responsible for collection, please inform Infinity ASAP. Only the names on the registration form can collect unless confirmed otherwise.

Please be patience when collecting as Infinity staff must ensure the safety of the children.

Please listen out for their name and vacate the centre ASAP after collection.

When possible, please inform Infinity by email or text 07763 185554 if your child is unable to make their session.

Due to health and safety and safeguarding, Infinity do not have any spectators in the classes unless it is a specific ‘watching week.’

Please only talk to the coach at the door for anything urgent or information that could affect that session. For everything else, please contact Infinity via email, text or phone.

Class Arrival / Departure

Parents must ensure that their child / children are taken to the door on arrival for the lesson

Infinity must have written confirmation of any child leaving alone

The centre is locked and only accessible with a code or key. Therefore, a member of Infinity staff opens the door before each class to allow any gymnasts to enter. If a coach is not present at this time, please ring the doorbell for the main hall. You cannot enter the centre at any other time without prior confirmation.

No entry will be given to anyone over 10 minutes late unless confirmed in advance or attending an Acro Squad session.


Please ensure your child is dressed suitably for activity, such as leotard, or shorts and t-shirt that can be tucked in or is tight fitting. Please ensure clothing has no zips, belts or buttons and no skirts.

Long hair is tidied up and no jewellery including stud earrings. Tape can only be used for newly pierced ears during the 6 weeks after piecing and this must be done before entering the building. This is a British Gymnastics rule and invalidates their insurance. Any bands that are worn for religious reasons can stay on if taped before arrival.

All participants must bring a bag with them to put all their belongings which must include a labelled bottle of water, hand sanitiser and any clothes and shoes they remove before or during the session

Participants should they have been to the toilet before the session.

No scooters or bikes can be taken into the centre, please leave these outside

Inform the coach at the start of a session if gymnasts are feeling ill, have a previous injury or if any medical conditions have changed.

Warm up is important to ensure all participants are physically and mentally prepared for the session and therefore cannot be missed. Anyone more than 10 minutes late will be unable to participate in that session.

Infinity Gymnastics and The Ghyll accept no responsibility for any property left. We advise that gymnasts leave anything valuable at home. Any water bottles will be disposed of. Other lost property will be kept for a month before disposing of.

No gymnastics elements in any other area of The Ghyll other than the gym.

Please abide by the Gymnast’s Code of Conduct. This can be found at