Display 1 - 10:00am

  • Monday 4pm

  • Monday 4:10 Boys

  • Monday 5:05pm

  • Monday 5:15pm Boys

  • Tuesday 4:15pm

  • Tuesday 4:25pm

  • Friday Pre-School

  • Friday 5:50pm Adv

  • All Acro Squads

Display 2 – 11:45am

  • Tuesday 5:30pm

  • Tuesday 7:30pm Adv

  • Thursday 4pm

  • Thursday 5:05pm

  • Thursday 6:10pm

  • Thursday Pre-School

  • All Acro Squads

Display 3 - 2:00pm

  • Friday 4pm

  • Friday 4:15pm GfA+

  • Friday 4:15pm Adv

  • Friday 5:05pm

  • Friday 6:10pm

  • Saturday Pre-School

  • Saturday 9:50am

  • Saturday 10:55am

  • All Acro Squads


Christmas display on Sunday 10th December at

Infinity Gymnastics Club, The Ghyll, Pevensey Road, Southwater, RH13 9XZ

Preferred Pre-School & GfA Attire - Infinity Club Leotard (& shorts) or Infinity T-shirt and Shorts

Alternative Pre-School & GfA Attire - Leotard or White T-shirt and Shorts

Preparation Squad Attire Black & Bubbles Training Leotard

Development & Senior Acro Squads Attire Competition Leotard

For child protection reasons, please ensure no underwear is showing underneath the leotard. Leotards are designed so that gymnasts do not need to wear knickers. If you are worried about this, black shorts can be worn on top

NO JEWELLERY to be worn, including earrings and hair must be neatly tied back in a ponytail or bun (Acro gymnasts must have their hair in a bun)

Doors will be open 15 minute before the display times above and gymnasts will enter the hall with their parents.


Tickets will be available from Monday 27th November at 9am. Tickets are offered on a first come first served basis and a maximum of 4 tickets per family. We have over 100 gymnasts in each display and therefore, please be mindful on the number of tickets you purchase.

Tickets are £8.00 each and anyone that requires a chair must purchase a ticket regardless of age. For Health & Safety reasons there are no standing spaces.

To purchase tickets, please visit the following.

Please ensure you select the correct display (above) as they are non-transferable:




Please ensure you have your e-tickets with you on the day



Please ensure gymnasts attend on time

Please ensure you have a bag for all their belongings and ensure that any clothing and water bottles are clearly labelled - this will be kept with you during the displays

All gymnasts will stay with the coaches for the duration of display. Please do not approach them on the gym floor


We have over 100 gymnasts in each display with 250 spectators therefore, where possible, please walk to the Centre to avoid traffic congestion.

If you are driving:

Please keep your speed to a minimum and refrain from using your horn, please be patient

Please be aware of pedestrians when entering the car park

As you enter the car park, please keep the disabled parking straight ahead, clear at all times

Other disabled spaces can only be used by Blue Badge holders

Please use all available spaces and park within the space

Please use both the Centre car park and the overflow car park which you can access at the bottom of the Lintot Square

When you enter the gym, please use all available chairs and everyone should be seated when the display starts

You are welcome to take photos and videos but these must be used for personal use only and not be posted online if they have other children in them