Classes for everyone Expert coaching for everyone Be part of something special

Classes for everyone

Classes available for anyone from 18 months old!

Expert coaching for everyone

We provide expert coaching within schools and classes held at Southwater Leisure Centre

Be part of something special

Join the gymnastics club that is all about fitness, fun and friendship…

Infinity Gymnastics, the gymnastics club where the emphasis is on fitness, fun and friendship.

Join our club

Infinity Gymnastics provides a safe, effective and child friendly environment in which the members can participate in gymnastics on a range of specialised equipment under the guidance of expert coaches.


Acrobatics Squad

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a discipline where gymnasts perform individual and acrobatic elements in a partnership or group.We train twice a week competing in county, regional and inter-regional competitions.



Freestyle gymnastics provides the opportunity for participants to practice skills from any gymnastics discipline in a friendly atmosphere, with the general focus being on a wide range of acrobatic and vault work.



18th Oct 2018

CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS 2018 Please CLICK HERE for the letter if your child attends our Pre-School or Gymnastics for All classes Please CLICK HERE for the letter if your child is...


17th Oct 2018

If you would like to order one of the above sweatshirts please CLICK HERE for the order form.

Alfold Van Hire

07th Jul 2016

Thank you to Graham at Alfold Vehicle Hire for allowing us to use a van to transport the equipment for our Club Competition on Saturday 16th July 2016! We wouldn’t have...


Second Hand Clothing

10th Dec 2014

If you would like to sell any second hand Infinity clothing, please post comment at the bottom of the page, the clothing you wish to sell, condition, price and contact details. ...