Holiday Workshops

Infinity Gymnastics run many different workshops during the holidays for members and non-members from 4-16 years. All workshops take place at Southwater Leisure Centre, Pevensey Road, Southwater, RH13 9XZ.


Infinity will running the following sessions. Click Here for Dates and times. All are in School Year Groups from September 2019. Please note, to receive the discount of 2 workshops for £15.00, workshops must be attended on the same day. 

Summer Camps

Consists of 2 or 3 days of fun including: 

General Gymnastics Workshops – gymnasts focus on improving current skills and learning new elements on floor, bars and vault.

Gymnastics Games and Play – a fun workshops where gymnasts will take part in multiple games and activities involving gymnastics.

Arts & Crafts


Air Track – 18m inflatable track

Performance at the end for parents to watch

Free summer camp t-shirt for early bookings (size to be confirmed on booking)  

Pre-School Party

One hour of structured session for 3-4 years

One hour of unstructured fun with parents and children under 5 years (pre-school only) who can walk. 

Pre-School Sessions

Available for any children 3-4 years to introduce them to the gymnastics or for current members to continue their skills! 

Parent & Toddler Sessions

Available to any children under 3 who are able to walk. This activity is designed to develop children physically and mentally through education, equipment and expert coaching.  

Skills Specific Sessions (SSS) 

Opportunity to learn and improve techniques for the following gymnastics skills (skill criteria applies , must be able to perform unassisted – please contact Infinity for most suitable session/s)

Cartwheels – Years 1-3 

Cartwheels – Years 3-7

Round Offs & Tumbling Preps – Years 3+ (cartwheel)

Handsprings – Years 3+ (handstand)

Intro to Flics – Years 3+ (round off)

Flic – Years 3+ (Flic down the hill)

Flics & Whips – Year 6+ (round off flic)

Back & Front Somersaults – Year 6+ (round off)

Advanced Back Somersaults – Year 6+ (round off, tuck back somersault)

Advanced Front Somersaults – Year 6+ (Front somersault from springboard)

Walkovers – Years 3+ (drop back to bridge and to stand up)

Free Cartwheels – Years 5+ (cartwheel)

Free Cartwheels, Free Walkovers and Layout – Advanced GfA members (free cartwheel & forward walkover)

Forwards Tumbling – Years 3+ (handspring on air floor)

Vault – Years 3-6 

Vault – Years 6+

Bars – Years 1-3 

Bars – Years 4-7

Bars – Years 8+

Open Session Workshops

This session allows te gymnasts full use of the equipment to work on skills of their choice. Coaches are present ro assist when required but the session is unstructured to allow gymnasts the freedome to work on their chosen elements. 

School Years 5-9+ (Advanced GfA and/or Acro Squad members only) 

School Years 9+ (Participants are required to help with the equipment for this workshop) 

All non-members must be British Gymnastics insured and therefore if they don’t have British Gymnastics membership, an additional £2.00 will be added to the cost to cover the insurance for the workshop. Alternatively, annual insurance is £17.00 and runs October – September
For advice on which workshop is most suitable for your child, please contact Kirstine via email to
For non-attendance or any cancellations less than 24 hours before the workshop, 50% of the cost of the workshop will be required to be paid
To book a place, please email If there are workshops that your child specifically enjoyed or would like to participate in, please contact Infinity and we will do our best to accommodate

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  • the workshop that i have been to so far have been really good fun and be meeting loads of new people and making some new friends. thanks to Kirst and Fay that have been running the workshop because you are making them really good fun. Thanks x

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