Competition 2019


With the kind support of @Home Estate Agents, Infinity Gymnastics will be hosting their Club Gymnastics Competition at Tanbridge House School on Saturday 6th July and Sunday 7th July.

The competition provides the opportunity for the gymnasts to show their family and friends what they have achieved in their classes.

GfA Gymnasts

The children will perform a short floor routine and two vaults exercises which they will have practiced within their current GfA class. Children will compete in age groups, with the top 6 children receiving an award on each apparatus and overall.

Click Here for the GfA Competition Letter

Click Here for the Advanced GfA Letter (gymnasts who participate in our Advanced GfA and/or are part of the Acro Squad as well as attending a GfA class)

Acro Gymnasts

The gymnasts will perform a floor routine to music which they will have practiced within their squad class. Groups will be determined by grades with the top 6 partnerships receiving an award.

Click Here for the GfA Acro Letter

 Car Parking and Drop-off Instructions 

Following previous events, please see below some guidelines to ensure all children and parents are safe when arriving to and from our events at Tanbridge House School, Farthings Hill, Guildford Rd, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1SR.


Please keep to the 5mph speed limit. Although the school will not be open, obviously there are still children about.

Please don’t overtake just because someone else is keeping to the speed limit, the approach road is two-way.

Please don’t use your mobile phone while driving, it is illegal and reckless.

Please don’t go the wrong way round the roundabout.

Please don’t enter the car park from the exit near the gates.

Please don’t attempt to turn around in the approach road., there is a roundabout at the end of the road.

Please supervise children at all times and walk on the paths and pavements. In particular, do not walk straight across the carriageway of the roundabout; there is a path to the right-hand side.

Car Parking

We aim to fill up the car park first. Please drive to the end on the approach road, drive slowly clockwise around the roundabout and enter the car park.

Please park within the white lines.

If you have a particularly wide vehicle or have problems parking, please go right around the roundabout and back along the approach road and park in the lay-by on the right-hand side going in. Again there are white lines, here front and rear, please don’t overhang.

Once the car park and right-hand side lay-by are full it will be necessary to use the bus bays on the left-hand side going in. However please leave the far end clear for dropping off or emergency vehicles.


If you are only dropping off and not stopping, please use the bus bays on the left-hand side going in and use your indicators when pulling in and moving off.

Please don’t drop off on the roundabout.


With the kind support of @Home Estate Agents

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