Club Competition 2015


Well Done to all gymnasts who competed in our Competitions on Saturday 18th July at Tanbridge House School


Please see below the raffle winners. Please collect your prize from Southwater Leisure Centre and inform us if this is not possible.

We are at the leisure centre Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings, Thursday afternoons and Friday afternoons.


Polo Shirt W 152 Jean (Emily Woodley)
Cocoa Butter W 63 Terry (Molly)
Shortbread O 160 Michaela (Sophie Geal)
Bottle of Riesling W 138 Sue Woodley
Champayne O 4 Molly Butler
Prosecco O 201 Carol Prosser
Red Wine O 31 Evie Richardson
Hoodie Voucher O 136 Cath Lopez
£5 off Voucher W 73 Sue Gargini
Matchmakers O 93 Naomi Pipe
Soap Petals O 255 Rosie Yeates
Bath Petals O 149 Arabella Bamsey
Baylis & Harding Collection O 89 Lynne Tuesley
Manicure Bag W 142 Sue Woodley
Chocolates O 47 Imogen Stewart
DVD O 307 Ella Francis
Infinity Bottle O 70 Terry Thorpe
Hair Pack O 285 Jodi Haley
Candles O 131 Cath Lopez
Studio 2 Voucher    170 Ben Mason
Dinosaur O 290 Julie Ragan (Joseph)
Butterflies O 244 Bethany Lewis
Cat O 311 Ella Francis
Shot Glass & Drink O 87 Lynne Tuesley
Shorts Vouchers W 33 Emma Shopland
£5 off Voucher W 171 Abbey Marsden
Rug O 228 Amelia Deering
Haribo O 207 Sadie (Heidi)


G 260 Elysia Eves
B 134 Molly Jones
B 178 Mark Lacey
B 123 Ruby Arliss
G 215 Ria Joy
G 185 The Day Family

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