We will be running our first ‘EXAM ESCAPE’ workshop on Sunday 19th May 9:00-11:00am. This will be available for any gymnasts doing GSCE’s, A levels or equivalent exams.

Cost £5.00 for members and £4.00 for coaches – cash on the day (not available to non-members)

Exercise has many benefits when preparing mentally and physically for theory based work and therefore this workshop will incorporate both gymnastics and revision time. I will be present to ensure revision is being done! 😝

Workshop Structure

9:00-9:35am – ‘Open’ Gymnastics Session (5 minute warm up following by anything they want to practice)

9:35-10:00am – Silent Revision Time

10:00-10:10am – Discussion Revision time (between other gymnasts and/or coaches on what they have been revising)

10:10-10:40am – ‘Open’ Gymnastics Session (Air track will come out here – only if the revision was done silently!!)

10:40-11:00am – Silent Revision Time

Revision Time

 I will set up tables and chairs in the hall but they will have the option to spread out around the equipment if they feel more comfortable. They will be supervised throughout.

Background to the Idea

I can completely understand you will have reservations with this workshop and I also understand how important these exams are for all involved. I personally needed exercise during this time (school, college and uni) and now! Going to the gym every the morning, prepares myself for the working day and therefore I just wanted to provide something to try and help as I can already tell they are worried about their exams. I understand this won’t be for everyone!

I have organised this one just before the exams and early in the day so that they actually get up at a reasonable time and can revise at home the rest of the day!

Feedback Before or After workshop

Any feedback from this one would be helpful for the future workshops!

Book in advance

Just email me to book your child onto this 😊

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